Long time…

… no see I know…

As always, been busy… 😛

Anyhow. I’m mostly writing to promote myself for once, I’m planning do create a FPS-Scare type game, and I’m gonna livestream alot of the development.
I’m gonna do my development in C++ and with OpenGL &OpenAL, so it’s all new technologies for me. I hope someone wanna learn with me!



You who read my previous posts know Im trying to loose weight and i had set a goal for myself to loose 4kg before week 29?
Well, Ive reached that goal today, 2 weeks ahead of schedule.. 😀

Now, i need to determine my next goal. Will post about that later 🙂

Time for a new update!

This truly are exciting times!

The landing of ‘Curiosity’ is the most exciting event this year! I don’t know why but this event gives me the feeling that Nasa is starting to take deepspace exploration and planetery colonies a bit more seriously. Just google ‘Nasa curiosity’ to find out more 😀

On another note, the Minecraft server me and a few buddies own together have gone public! “Norselands” do now accept new members and we hope we’ll all have good time! 😀 http://www.norselands.com to find out more 🙂

That’s it for now 😀 Until next time, Cheers. 🙂

Uhh, what a day.

Was @ the doctors yesterday and I was put on a new medication, which I’ll continue to take for another 4 years…

That was the sad part. The happy news tho is that I’m finally getting help with my overweight. I’ll soon be contacted by a
dietitian who’ll teach me how to identify “good” food and how much of it to eat. I’ve also started working out a little just to boost the effect of the diet. Let’s see in a few month if it has any effect 🙂

For the record, I do atm weigh 124 Kg (ALOT!). My goal is below 90 Kg. But to make sure I reach it, I’ll start with smaller targets to make sure I’m on the right track. My target for now is below 120 before my vacation (4 weeks from now).


Lets see how it goes 😀



Did you see that? I think it was a post!
Lets catch it! *Runs away after it*
I caught it! *Gasping for air*
Lets read it…


Hey, been awhile since I posted – Again!
I really need to start holding my promise and post more ^^. Well, maybe this time ^^.
Why have I been so abscent?

I’ve been working on my Minecraft server. Preparing it with mods, setup a forum and domain name. Because within 15 days, it will open to the public :-D. Me and the chosen staff are working on a spawn that will amaze players once they join.
The server will be Gray-listed. Which means you can join the server as a guest, go around and look at stuff, but you can’t build or break anything. If you want to be able to build you need to apply for a membership on the forums. Once processed by the staff, you’ll be promoted to Member and you’re able to start building 🙂

The central world have a capital, which we conveniently named ‘Centeralia’. Every new member will be given a plot in the city for free, just find a plot with a sign that says “FREE” on, contact an admin or moderator and they’ll gladly unlock it for you.

More info will come 😀
But I’m back, I’m bad and I’m working 😀
Cya 🙂

Code snippet

During work today, todays assignment is to test a website which recently went offline, I decided to write a tiny script that helps me answer the question “When do my commute card’s period end?” When I buy the card each month it only says “Purchase date + 30 days”.. So I never really know the exact day, unless I manually count, the card stops working.

So I wrote this lil’ script, and I wonder why I didn’t do this sooner -.-…

Live: http://server.thenamelssone.com/30days/
Code: http://server.thenamelssone.com/30days/index.phps