A little quickie…

Hi, sorry for overstepping my self-set deadline when it comes to posting (3 days between maximum).

I was just having a discussion with a colleague and we drifted into the subject of bringing up children… I told him about my up-bringing where my father taught me to think with the mind of a skeptic. Instead of just giving me the answers to my questions, he taught me how to find out the answer for myself, or sometimes he proposed a counter-question. This way taught me how to find the answers to my questions, and to not always believe what I’m told.

In my mind, this was a great way. Today I’m over-the-average when it comes to intelligence. I’m interested in Science, history and technology. Simply because to master these topics you need to use your brain, so you don’t have to deal with sub-intelligent people automatically. 🙂

If anyone has any other suggestions on great protocols to bring up children, please share. 🙂


Priority, please…

Today(Tuesday) two internet pirates were apprehended by the Swedish police.
They are the founders of an illegal torrent website…

I don’t question that copyright infringement are illegal.
I don’t question that they should face the consequences.

I only question the priorities of the police force, not only the swedish one.
Do you really want your tax money to be spent on hunting down “victimless” criminals?

Yes, I quoted “victimless” because I don’t count large movie-/music companies because
they keep lying about the numbers… But there are people out there that do count them as victims. “ohh we’ve lost 1000 billion dollars because of internet piracy”… (not exact numbers)
But really, are they victims? I recently read an article (sorry for swedish) about this judge from Spain who is starting to entertain the idea that internet piracy might increase sales instead of diminishing them.
This has been my theory for a few years as well. Most downloaders I know use the downloads as a trial. If they like the movie/music they end up buying them. If that’s the case for the downloaders in my vicinity, then it might not be that uncommon after all?

Well let’s get back on topic.
I don’t want my tax money to be spent on chasing down zitfarms that rebel against the system.
I want my tax money to be spent on solving murders, catching robbers, preventing rapists and stopping pedophiles.

I mean, what would you want?

Alt 1,
SWAT storms a 17 yo’s apartment because he shared a few movies?


Alt 2,
SWAT storms the apartment where a mother and child are being held hostage by some random killer?

I guess, hello?

As this is my first post on this blog, I guess I’m supposed to greet the public and present myself…
But to be different, I won’t present myself… Why should I, if I want to keep people reading, tell everything about myself in the first post?
Though! I won’t be rude. HELLO, there I said it.

I’m new to blogging, well atleast to writing it myself… So at the beginning I won’t be writing every day, I’ll start by writing every 2 or 3 days… If I find more to write about, maybe I’ll write every day…

For the moment… I have a question…
Anyone has any topic they wanna discuss?

I leave you with that question…