College is not for everyone

I’ve been thinking for a few days regarding college and the public view when it comes to colleges and other forms of higher education institutes. I know that the pressure to attend college is a lot higher in other countries, for example USA, compared to Sweden. Here, parents are thrilled if their child decides to pursue a higher education, but even if you don’t they’ll still support and be proud of you, at least most of the parents.

As you might have figured, I’m a college dropout. I’ve walked through the gates of college, had a look and walked out again. I didn’t dropout because of lack of intelligence, because it was too hard or even of boredom. I just didn’t want to pay 60’000 SEK (Roughly 6’000 Euro) per year when most of my courses weren’t relevant to my major.

But, what happened to my dreams and ambition to become a software developer?
Well… I’m at the moment working as a software-/gametester. So most of my software development happens on my spare time. I currently have three major personal projects and one where I’m just assisting. So my dream lives on, one day I’ll have enough experience to get a job as a software developer. That’s where my CV say ‘He can do this!’ instead of a piece of paper from the college.

It might be the time that our society re-prioritize.. Whats more important, a person saying ‘I can do this!’ or a piece of paper from some college stating the same?
Are we a democracy, based on individuals, or are we a bureaucracy based on papers?


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