New project


Yesterday I basically got the “Go-Ahead” on a new project. The new project is a website to a local restaurant. They’ve been stuck with their old website for wopping 8 years and been unable to update it even though they’ve changed almost everything about the restaurant. The restaurant is located in Lindås, Sweden, where I grew up. So I’ve seen the changes this business has gone through.

Yesterday, while I was waiting for my pizza at this restaurant (nom nom), I talked a few minutes with the owner and he’d would really appreciate if I made him a prototype of a new website. So far we haven’t discussed any compensation, but this doesn’t matter to me. Why? I’ll tell you why.

The current website he got, ( It’s in Swedish, I know), looks like crap. He has never been satisfied with it and the designer basically ignored his requests. That’s not the worst, the designer of that website refuse to provide Content-update tools to the restaurant owner. So the designer does all the updates, not for free either as he charges 1 delivery of free pizza(s) every week.
I did some fast number crunching on this and I concluded that the total sum of the website so far is over 32’000 SEK (roughly 3’000 Euros). That’s 8 years, 52 weeks / year. 416 times has he gotten free pizzas, and the average price for a pizza is roughly 75 SEK although sometimes he got multiple free pizzas… But based on 1 pizza / week in 8 years..

The summary of this new project is to make a new, better, more attractive and modern website to this restaurant. A website which the owner, who has very little understanding of computers, can update himself free of charge. My main focus here is to make the restaurant more satisfied with how they are represented on the world wide web.

That’s it for now, will soon post an update on my other projects as well!


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