Who controls the internet?

It might not be who you think it is…

A lot of people might be quick and say “of course it’s the users of the internet that control it”.. But really, is it?

Today, I read about the ISP Elisa in Finland who started blocking The Piratebay a few days ago, and about two ISPs in Netherlands who also are bullied into blocking The Piratebay. All this simply because of two “Anti-Piracy” groups named “Brein” in Netherlands and LFPI in Finland. Both these groups act upon the interest of the entertainment industry.
A group of companies… Bullying another company/companies into closing access to a website that doesn’t agree with their agenda, even though a lot of people find this website interesting? Is this really the way we want our internet to be run?

When I read that Anonymous was fighting back against FBI, who closed MegaUpload recently, I was thrilled. Simply because I know there’s a group of people who fights for a free internet despite some people see them as a “group of thugs”. To me, they’re justice league of america.

Fight for us, Anonymous!


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