4ever alone…

Been a while since my last post, and I apologize for that.

The fact is that I’ve been in a “struggle” for a few weeks now trying to maintain one of my dearest friendships..
We’ve been friends for a few years and came rly close to each other. We could really talk about anything.. Though 8 months ago she got a boyfriend.. Everything was fine… But a few months ago we started disagreeing.. In my opinion he was a jackass and I thought my friend deserve better than him.

Of course my friend ended up in the middle… So for a few months I’ve been struggleing to make her see how much of an jackass her boyfriend is..
Why do I think he’s a jackass?
One reason… He said, to my friend ofc, “if You don’t end your friendship with <Insert my real name> I’ll break up with you”..
This lasted a few months… She did everything possible trying to reason with him to drop the ultimatum…

Today… After months of discussions and fights…
I lost… She decided to listen to what her boyfriend wanted…

Life truly do suck…


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