My mind is blown… Now so soon after the SOPA and PIPA madness, shouldn’t we get some rest?

No.. In your dreams… United Nations (UN) is now proposing a convention giving UN more influence over the internet!

The Internet! The internet we’ve all enjoyed since it’s creation in the late 1980:s.
If this convention pass, we can’t enjoy internet in the same way anymore. UN can do basically anything they want.

So now is my question… How soon will private versions of the “internet” start to appear? Instead of one global network, we might end up with X number of smaller private ones?

Small private “Internets” driven by people who has the funds and resorces.
Small private “Internets” driven by companies.. Yeah, Their “intranets” become “internets”.

No more public opinion. No more anonymity. Everyone is segmented into different groups.

Is this really what the world wants… or need?
Just to stop internet piracy…?


Swedish link: http://www.idg.se/2.1085/1.433867/sa-ska-internet-regleras-av-fn
I’d provide one in english, but I was unavailable to find one 😦


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