Joseph Kony

The video below was brought to my attention by Notch.

At first I had no idea what, or who, this Joseph Kony is. I’d never heard his name before.
I decided to watch this video. My knowledge about the conflicts in Africa was about at the same level as a bird knows about human spaceflight. I’ve noticed it exist. I’ve heard the term LRA before. Now I know what they’re up to.

If I had the funds… I’d buy everything on their shop and paint my hometown red with all their posters…
If I had the power… I’d use it to bring and end to LRA.
If I was famous… I’d use my influence to bring this knowledge to everyone.

But now I’m none of those three..

But I’ll buy 1 support package… Showing my support for this cause and hopefully bringing the attention to Sweden as well.
But I’ll spread this video and blog post… To my few followers and all of my friends, bringing attention to this cause.

But I still want to do more… I want my home country to help… If anyone from Sweden is reading this, tweet me @thenamelssone, and maybe we can figure out how we can help more.

I’ll write more when I know what to do…


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