Code snippet

During work today, todays assignment is to test a website which recently went offline, I decided to write a tiny script that helps me answer the question “When do my commute card’s period end?” When I buy the card each month it only says “Purchase date + 30 days”.. So I never really know the exact day, unless I manually count, the card stops working.

So I wrote this lil’ script, and I wonder why I didn’t do this sooner -.-…



How about…

An image… 😛

I know I’ve not really shown any of my work here on the blog. But, how about a change…
Here’s an orb I made in GIMP. Took some inspiriation on some techniques from youtube, who was making these on photoshop, and tried ’em in GIMP :).

Dunno if this is a bubble or a marble… I’d more say marble…
Let me know what you think.


New job

Today I was brought in on my new job, ahead of schedule!
Been waiting for this day for allmost a month now 😀

Lemme explain, at my old job I was a tester, testing software and games to ensure they’ve the quality that’s required.
It was an interesting job where I learned more and more about the software development process.

My contract was running out and I learned that one of the internal tools developers are going on parental leave, so I was asked to fill the void. So my new contract, is as a internal tools developer and it ends in November.

I’m thrilled about this because as a tester I’ve been having unstable workflow. No assignments fora few days, then overtime for a day or two. Now I hope I’ll have a more steady workflow.
And the best part, I get to work with programming!

To sum it up: ;-D


A new update, after nearly a month of inactivity ^^.

If you head over to my projects page, you’ll see that it has gone under a major update. Alot of new projects have appeared. Alot of them are games as well 😀
Making games is hillarious. Can’t really say why, it just tickles your imagination. Inspired by the recent contest, which resulted in over 1’400 games, I’ve decided to give it a go to create a bunch of games I’ve had in my mind for quite a while now.  One is nearly completed, one is just about to start and the last one is in development stage.

I did not participate in LD23. Though I regret my decision. But it’s only 4 months until the next event :-). So in August, come and cheer me and thousands of other developers on as we compete in this awesome event!


Lastly, I want to apologize for being so inactive the last month. Have been really busy with work, programming and real life 🙂 I’ll try to be more active in the future!

Keep in touch!