Who Am I?

This is a question everyone is asked alot.. And to me, this question is harder than trying to answer “Why are we here?”.
I never know what to answer.. I can tell you about my hobbies… My interests… My education… My life-experience…
But will any of those topics tell you about who I am?

Shortly said, I’m a very philosophical person. With a great interest for technology and problem-solving.
I’ve based my life upon learning, even though I’m out of school I spend alot of my time taking free
online courses to expand my mind.
I’m an atheist.. With that said I can elaborate by confessing that I’m believer of science before religion.
I don’t think we’re created by a single ‘God’ or several ‘Gods’… I believe ‘God’ was created by mankind when
we saw the large and magnificent nature, earth and world we all share.

What Will I Post Here?
This topic will be very short…
I’ll post my thoughts, from my chaotic mind.
I’ll post programming code, from my quick fingers.
I’ll post my latest idea, generated from deep within my wonderful brain.

My posts here are only here for one single and common reason… To make you think…
I believe the humanity are loosing their ability to reason by logic… I just want to encourage people to think for themselves.

This will be all for now, will elaborate more on this page once I think of more that should be here.
So for now, top of the morning to you!


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