A new update, after nearly a month of inactivity ^^.

If you head over to my projects page, you’ll see that it has gone under a major update. Alot of new projects have appeared. Alot of them are games as well 😀
Making games is hillarious. Can’t really say why, it just tickles your imagination. Inspired by the recent ludumdare.com contest, which resulted in over 1’400 games, I’ve decided to give it a go to create a bunch of games I’ve had in my mind for quite a while now.  One is nearly completed, one is just about to start and the last one is in development stage.

I did not participate in LD23. Though I regret my decision. But it’s only 4 months until the next event :-). So in August, come and cheer me and thousands of other developers on as we compete in this awesome event!


Lastly, I want to apologize for being so inactive the last month. Have been really busy with work, programming and real life 🙂 I’ll try to be more active in the future!

Keep in touch!


Privacy ftw

I’m all for privacy on the internet.
Which is why I love Tor and other VPN / masking services.

Now I’ve fallen in love again and I’m going to give it a try as soon as I get home.
It’s Pirate Linux.

It’s a distribution of Ubuntu with Pirate pack installed. Which provides the user with more encryption features and really does everything possible to protect the users data.

Thumbs up Andrew for creating this wonderful dist!


My mind is blown… Now so soon after the SOPA and PIPA madness, shouldn’t we get some rest?

No.. In your dreams… United Nations (UN) is now proposing a convention giving UN more influence over the internet!

The Internet! The internet we’ve all enjoyed since it’s creation in the late 1980:s.
If this convention pass, we can’t enjoy internet in the same way anymore. UN can do basically anything they want.

So now is my question… How soon will private versions of the “internet” start to appear? Instead of one global network, we might end up with X number of smaller private ones?

Small private “Internets” driven by people who has the funds and resorces.
Small private “Internets” driven by companies.. Yeah, Their “intranets” become “internets”.

No more public opinion. No more anonymity. Everyone is segmented into different groups.

Is this really what the world wants… or need?
Just to stop internet piracy…?


Swedish link: http://www.idg.se/2.1085/1.433867/sa-ska-internet-regleras-av-fn
I’d provide one in english, but I was unavailable to find one 😦

What an weekend…


Weekend started out fairly calm, but then I realized the Ludum Dare 48 hour “Create a game” competition was going on, and who wasn’t participating but Notch himself!
I soon saw Notch’s tweet about his live-stream. So since then I’ve watched almost every minute of it. “Whats so funny about watching someone write some code?” you might ask.. But it’s not watching him write, its watching him create a game.

Watching Notch use his techniques really inspired me to create more myself. Take greater risks and put more effort into my programming.
I soon picked up one of my older projects, me and a friend started a few months ago, which is a game for Android mobile devices. As my friend is rather occupied I decided that I’ll continue myself.

Can’t give any timeplan, but as soon as I have a screenshot ready, or I dare publish more details, I’ll post it all here 😉

So until then.
Top of the morning to you!

College is not for everyone

I’ve been thinking for a few days regarding college and the public view when it comes to colleges and other forms of higher education institutes. I know that the pressure to attend college is a lot higher in other countries, for example USA, compared to Sweden. Here, parents are thrilled if their child decides to pursue a higher education, but even if you don’t they’ll still support and be proud of you, at least most of the parents.

As you might have figured, I’m a college dropout. I’ve walked through the gates of college, had a look and walked out again. I didn’t dropout because of lack of intelligence, because it was too hard or even of boredom. I just didn’t want to pay 60’000 SEK (Roughly 6’000 Euro) per year when most of my courses weren’t relevant to my major.

But, what happened to my dreams and ambition to become a software developer?
Well… I’m at the moment working as a software-/gametester. So most of my software development happens on my spare time. I currently have three major personal projects and one where I’m just assisting. So my dream lives on, one day I’ll have enough experience to get a job as a software developer. That’s where my CV say ‘He can do this!’ instead of a piece of paper from the college.

It might be the time that our society re-prioritize.. Whats more important, a person saying ‘I can do this!’ or a piece of paper from some college stating the same?
Are we a democracy, based on individuals, or are we a bureaucracy based on papers?