How about…

An image… 😛

I know I’ve not really shown any of my work here on the blog. But, how about a change…
Here’s an orb I made in GIMP. Took some inspiriation on some techniques from youtube, who was making these on photoshop, and tried ’em in GIMP :).

Dunno if this is a bubble or a marble… I’d more say marble…
Let me know what you think.



New job

Today I was brought in on my new job, ahead of schedule!
Been waiting for this day for allmost a month now 😀

Lemme explain, at my old job I was a tester, testing software and games to ensure they’ve the quality that’s required.
It was an interesting job where I learned more and more about the software development process.

My contract was running out and I learned that one of the internal tools developers are going on parental leave, so I was asked to fill the void. So my new contract, is as a internal tools developer and it ends in November.

I’m thrilled about this because as a tester I’ve been having unstable workflow. No assignments fora few days, then overtime for a day or two. Now I hope I’ll have a more steady workflow.
And the best part, I get to work with programming!

To sum it up: ;-D


A new update, after nearly a month of inactivity ^^.

If you head over to my projects page, you’ll see that it has gone under a major update. Alot of new projects have appeared. Alot of them are games as well 😀
Making games is hillarious. Can’t really say why, it just tickles your imagination. Inspired by the recent contest, which resulted in over 1’400 games, I’ve decided to give it a go to create a bunch of games I’ve had in my mind for quite a while now.  One is nearly completed, one is just about to start and the last one is in development stage.

I did not participate in LD23. Though I regret my decision. But it’s only 4 months until the next event :-). So in August, come and cheer me and thousands of other developers on as we compete in this awesome event!


Lastly, I want to apologize for being so inactive the last month. Have been really busy with work, programming and real life 🙂 I’ll try to be more active in the future!

Keep in touch!

Joseph Kony

The video below was brought to my attention by Notch.

At first I had no idea what, or who, this Joseph Kony is. I’d never heard his name before.
I decided to watch this video. My knowledge about the conflicts in Africa was about at the same level as a bird knows about human spaceflight. I’ve noticed it exist. I’ve heard the term LRA before. Now I know what they’re up to.

If I had the funds… I’d buy everything on their shop and paint my hometown red with all their posters…
If I had the power… I’d use it to bring and end to LRA.
If I was famous… I’d use my influence to bring this knowledge to everyone.

But now I’m none of those three..

But I’ll buy 1 support package… Showing my support for this cause and hopefully bringing the attention to Sweden as well.
But I’ll spread this video and blog post… To my few followers and all of my friends, bringing attention to this cause.

But I still want to do more… I want my home country to help… If anyone from Sweden is reading this, tweet me @thenamelssone, and maybe we can figure out how we can help more.

I’ll write more when I know what to do…

Privacy ftw

I’m all for privacy on the internet.
Which is why I love Tor and other VPN / masking services.

Now I’ve fallen in love again and I’m going to give it a try as soon as I get home.
It’s Pirate Linux.

It’s a distribution of Ubuntu with Pirate pack installed. Which provides the user with more encryption features and really does everything possible to protect the users data.

Thumbs up Andrew for creating this wonderful dist!


Today I was linked this “Open letter” by a friend. It’s aimed at Chris dodd.
I just don’t know what to say except… It’s awesome! I really share the authors ideas. Even though I’m only an internet-user I know exactly what he’s talking about.

I really do think that artists and actors should receive money for their creations… But the way that the music and film industry take to reduce internet piracy is all wrong…

With these things said; I suggest you read the letter youself. It’s really good.

Remember: Information wants to be free…

“Protector of the people”

Yeah, we all know the motto of most police forces in the world; To serve and protect.
But who protects us against the Police?

These two videos caught my attention today. And I dropped my jaw…
I know it can’t be easily for an officer to judge how much force that’s required to prevent a person from fleeing. I also know that it’s not uncommon for the to use too much force.
What really stun me here, pun intended, is how could these officers choose to use “Non-lethal”, I’ll come back to that term, force against these, I’m sure weighing < 100 pounds, young girls.

Video #1
In the first video you’ll see this 20 yo girl running and a 260 pound + cop sprinting 2-3 feet behind. 2-3 feet! I’m sure if he just would’ve made the effort to RUN he’d caught her. Instead he took the “easy” choice of pulling his taser and tase her in the back. Causing her to be paralyzed and falling to the hard ground, hitting her head really hard.
In a longer version of this video, which you’ll find if you search on youtube abit, you can see that the officers doesn’t even care about her injury. They stand around thinking about donuts for 3 minutes before they ask her if she’s all right.

I’m calm again… I’d really like to ask this cop “What where you thinking?” But… That would imply that he did think..

Now video #2.
I just don’t know what to say about this video… I just find it horrifying how a police officer can even consider to use this weapon on a child… Even though it’s “Non-lethal”, it’s still a weapon.
I don’t know, maybe their definitions are screwed up.. To me, a weapon is an instrument used to inflict harm or even death upon another living creature. Taser do harm people, even if it’s not directly. I wonder how the police define ‘weapon’, probably not the same way as me.

Now, the term “Non-lethal”.
What does it mean?
I looked this up, just to confirm. It means “Not capable of causing death”. So basically, you shouldn’t be able to kill a person with this weapon.
Although, do tasers count as “Less-than-lethal” weapons instead?
That’s a different term. “Less-than-lethal” implies that the chance of accidentally killing someone with this weapon is greatly reduced. I’m one of those who thinks it should belong to “Less-than-lethal” category. To be honest, I haven’t researched taser-guns that much, so maybe the are in that category.

Nonetheless, the level of force used in these videos are unnecessarily high. I mean, a child and a young girl..


I warn you, who are about to watch these videos, the content is disturbing…