Here I’ll list all my ongoing projects and their resources, atleast the published resources 😉

  • RTS Game. Yes, Real-time-stratergy. I’m working on this project together with two friends and my brother. For now this project is in the planning phase and I do not really have anything to show for it yet. The game hasn’t even got a name at the time being ^^. The idea sprouted when I saw some people doing look-a-likes for Command & Conquer – Red alert. (Uhm, I don’t know whats happening in this project, but as one of my friends chose to opt out I guess it’s stagnant and will be terminated shortly…)
  • Website Engine. Yes, this may be an odd name, but it’s the one I’m using to describe it. Shortly it’s a system that constructs a website based on customizing instructions given by the administrator. All the boring parts of making a website is taken care of by this engine. It controls the content as well to make sure it ends up on the website correctly. The finished website is also hooked up with a default CMS, constructed by yours truly, to be easy to use.


Here’s my terminated projects. Either they’re terminated because they’re finished or they were aborted for some reason.

  • As a Global moderator & Developer. This project was terminated due to the owner of the project insisted on using alot of ads on this young page, which resulted in the community leaving it.


  • “Cerberus” project. Current stable version; 0.3
    Java IRC Bot. Writing my own IRC Bot in Java. Bots purpose is to administrate channels, giving OP, DEOPping e.t.c. This project is frozen for the time being. I do plan to return to it, but for now I have more important projects.
  • Android Game App. Creating a small game for ages 6+ which involves the popular game “Simon says”. Can’t go into further information at the moment, but the project is looking promising. (This project is frozen as I’m currently in progress of discussing the possibility of doing this project with a dutch gamedev company.)
  • Universe Game. This game is more a “Can I do it?” game. It involves physics and native Java2d graphics. I’ll publish more on this game as soon as I have 1 issue sorted.
    (This game dev is now paused as it’s lacking resources (my time…))

On the Horizon

  • Child version of SimonSays – For Android platform. This is a fork of my version of SimonSays for Android. But it will be aimed at children (And parents) between the ages 1 and 5. I’m aware that not alot of children at that age own a smartphone, well duh, but many parents do. I also know that playing games on a parents cellphone, can be a nice way to settle a cranky child.
  • Mathematical Memory game. Also for Android platform. Imagine a memory game involving math, to stimulate learning among children. I won’t go into details on how to make this game fun for children, but I have an idea. 🙂

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